Wedding Videographer – Our Thoughts and Experience

Hiring a local professional Singaporean videographer for your wedding is not easy. If you are contemplating on this, there are many vendors doing so and to find a good one that you like for your big day involves a good amount of research.

Being open minded is important. Remember, even though it is your big day, please consider to maintain professionalism towards the vendors too. We came across some friends when it comes to them treating the photographers and videographers, they literally demanded a lot from them.. this we find things could have done better.

So how are we going to deal with this? You certainly do not want to be trampled over by some mean photographers or videographers, but you also need to know when to hold your stand =)

There are a number of benefits of getting wedding videography done in Singapore.

should you get a wedding videographer?

A professional videographer will save you money

A local videographer is the best option because he will charge you for only the services offered. After all, it is all in a day’s work. You do not need to pay additional compensation.

If you are staying abroad thinking of coming to Singapore as a destination wedding venue, local Singaporean wedding videographers may also come as part of your destination-wedding package. In that case, the amount of money that you pay for the videography will be highly discounted. Even if the videographer does not come as part of the wedding package, the overall price will still be much cheaper. That means more money gets to stay in your pocket even as you get the benefit of high quality wedding pictures.

If you hire a videographer from your home area to come to shoot your wedding pictures in Singapore, you can be sure that there will be a very heavy price to pay. You will need to pay for the services on the wedding, the transport to and from your home as well as compensate the videographer for his lost business. Do you really want to spend so much money on one aspect of the wedding?

should you get a wedding videographer?

At the end of the day… Based on the evidence, there is no doubt that hiring videographers from the locale at your wedding destination is a much better option. You will get a professional who understands the area, has the right experience, and comes at an affordable price. What more could you ask for?


Tips On How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Weddings are a blissful and elegant affair, but most of them come with a hefty price tag. However, even couples who do not have a lot of money to spare can still enjoy the wedding of their dreams. They have to learn how to budget in order to ensure that the wedding costs do not spiral out of control.

The following tips will help any couple who wants to know how to plan a wedding on a shoestring budget:
Rent, borrow or make as many things as you can.

wedding gowns can be nice even on a budget

Wedding Cars

A lot of friends and relatives have great and classy cars that can be used by the bridal team. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to hire cars from car hire companies, the couple can get great cars from friends and family. Other things that they can borrow from friends and relatives include cutlery, toasting glasses and even bridal shoes for the big day. They can make the decorations for themselves instead of hiring a professional planner to do it for them. Some of the decorations that the couple can make include pew ribbons, pew bows, and the ring bearer’s pillow.

Skip the favors, save the date cards and reception cards

All of these things are not really necessary for a couple on a budget. One invitation card per guest is enough. The couple can include reception information in the wedding invitation card instead of printing separate cards for this. They can use social media networks to tell their friends and family to save the date instead of sending them a separate save-the-date card. The couple does not have to buy expensive favors for the guests. If the guests have a wonderful time, they will not feel bad simply because they did not have expensive wedding favors to take home.

Save on flowers

Flowers are a necessary part of every wedding, but they can cost a lot of money. The best advice is to only use flowers that are in season, as they are usually cheaper. When buying flowers, the couple should not mention that it is for a wedding as this bit o information could be enough to raise the price. The couple could also save money by purchasing loose stems and making the arrangements themselves.

flowers - dont have to be expensive

Take a deep breathe.. do not worry. Everything will work out. You do not need to go bankrupt for your wedding. Trust me, I have seen friends of friends, as well as reading news on paper that people do go crazy and bankrupt over their weddings.

Which is definitely preventable. Somethings however, are definitely not able to do away. Memories play a big part for your wedding, and wedding photography is a need. You will regret if you do not have them. Hopefully with these sharings, they will help you to plan your budgets properly and effectively. Do not worry, it is a day of celebrations, but don’t fall into the hole that will get you in debts and all.

All the best! And look out for our next post!